Don Draper would’ve done it better

I don’t watch much network television so usually avoid commercials. But because I’m all about March Madness, I am now, unfortunately, also all about commercials.

Which is how I know that there’s a pharmaceutical targeted at those with opioid-induced constipation.

Granted, it’s a tough sell. Still, I have to believe Don would’ve found a way to inject some magic into the ad campaign.




2 thoughts on “Don Draper would’ve done it better

  1. Aw, I miss Mad Men!

    This reminds me of a laxative commercial I saw with my mother. On the commercial, two women were on the phone. One asked the other how she was. The second woman replied, “I’m not thrilled with my laxative.” My mother and I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m not sure that was the intended effect…


    • Well, it probably REALLY wouldn’t please that ad-maker, but I also laughed and laughed. Wonder what Don would’ve done with laxatives.

      (You know what I mean…)


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