Radiance: a work in progress

Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen –
that stillness becomes a radiance.

~  Morgan Freeman

It’s been a hard week, stillness and radiance-wise. Every day, I’ve called the soulless Senator Cory Gardner regarding his votes on the health care repeal. His staffers don’t seem to be taking calls anymore and so I’m forced to leave messages. Confession: I don’t give good voice mail. Even under the best of circumstances, I’m prone to blithering-blathering-wandering messages that spend way too much time in the ditch before I yank the steering wheel and get the call back on the pavement. Today I shouted my entire message at Senator Cory Gardner. However, I did not curse.

Come to think of it, the last time I swore during one of those calls was a couple months back when I reached an actual human. That young man told me if I cursed one more time, he’d hang up on me.

Maybe I’m actually making progress with this whole radiance thing.

4 thoughts on “Radiance: a work in progress

  1. I can’t call during the workday, so I’m always talking to my representatives’ VoiceMail. Before I make the call, I write myself a two-sentence script of what I want to say. It’s very helpful in making sure I hit the points I want to make, and in helping me stay coherent and succinct.


    • Yep, I think about writing a script and then every single time I just dial and GO. I have to psyche myself up for each call and writing out a script feels like a detour I can’t afford to take. But I totally admire your discipline!


      • Writing the script actually helps me psych myself up, because I get more confident about what I’m going to say. And since it’s just 2 sentences, it doesn’t delay me too much.
        But of course, the important thing is just to call, and I’m glad people are!


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