A Pastafarian walks into the DMV…

I have a birthday coming up which means my driver’s license is about to expire. I tried to renew it online this morning, but was told I didn’t qualify. This means two things:
(1) I have to go wait in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles and (2) I have to get a new photo taken.

I’m not a photogenic person, however, my current driver’s license photo is pretty good. By that, I mean I don’t wince every time I take it out of my wallet. From my perspective, that’s the definition of “keeper.” That past success should make me optimistic of getting another non-wince-inducing photo, right? Wrong.

  • Colorado no longer issues colored driver’s licenses; they are now grayscale.
  • Colorado no longer allows people who wear glasses every single moment of their waking lives to wear those glasses in their photos.
  • Colorado no longer allows people to smile in their photos.

No color. No glasses. No smiles.

Gee, I can’t wait to see what my new driver’s license photo looks like. Except, I already know what it’ll look like: as drab and unlike the real me as my passport photo which is also No Color, No Glasses, No Smile.

I am so angry right now. Not because I’m vain (I am), but because we’ve become a fear-based society that’s given up our civil liberties in the name of increased security. I don’t know about you, but facial recognition software doesn’t make me feel any more secure. The surveillance state doesn’t make me feel more secure.

I’m debating whether to show up at the DMV wearing my colander:

                                   Tracy in March 2012                                  All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Other Pastafarians have taken a stand with their driver’s license photos, and maybe I should do the same. The shiny metal would certainly brighten up what will otherwise be a dreary photo.

4 thoughts on “A Pastafarian walks into the DMV…

  1. Ugh. Sounds like the Canadian passport photo requirements.

    As for “facial recognition,” *my* new requirement is that everyone who I might run into needs to wear a large name tag with their name and how I know them. “Dr. T., Barb’s dentist.” (I have prosopagnosia and can’t recognize people out of context.)


    • I’m sorry you’ve got the same problem with passports in Canada. It really is demoralizing, I think.

      I had no idea you have trouble recognizing people out of context, Barb. You say it’s a new requirement, did it just begin? I can imagine that would be frustrating and possibly stress-inducing.


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