Thankful Thursday: WeRateDogs™

Twitter can be a scary and depressing place to hang out and I don’t spend much time there these days. Too much bad news and bad humanity on display. However, there are some shining lights on that platform and one of those is the WeRateDogs account (@dogs_rates).  According to Wikipedia: the WeRateDogs account was started in 2015 by college student Matt Nelson.

Here’s a recent sample:  Jun 25 

This is Dusky. She’s not the hero we deserve, but she’s the one we need right now. 13/10 would trust with my life

4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: WeRateDogs™

    • Yes! That account never disappoints. I just started following after realizing I wasn’t yet following it. Thought I was because so many people in my timeline like or retweet. 🙂


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