Thankful Thursday: the hello-there-old-friend edition

I just completed five days of a fasting-mimicking diet in which my caloric intake was greatly reduced. I embarked on this deprivation adventure because I’ve been feeling the effects of stress on my body and wanted to give my system a reboot. My sister and her husband have been doing the diet and their experiences convinced me it was worth a try. (Shout-out to my sis for all her guidance!)

Day One wasn’t bad. Day Two was rough. Days Three-Five were not too bad (my foggy brain went away and I was able to resume light exercise/walking).

And today? Day One of my return to normal eating? A happy day, indeed.

Anyone interested in trying this, go here for lots of good information. Also, the Cronometer is an absolute must for calculating calories and percentages of protein, carbs, and fat.

Today  I am exceedingly thankful that I do not have to measure every bit of food that goes in my mouth.

7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: the hello-there-old-friend edition

  1. I’m kind of skeptical about fasting, because sometimes it seems like it just makes the faster obsess about food. Did it have that effect on you, or did it clear your mind?

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    • I’ve never fasted before and this isn’t real fasting, but is supposed to have the same benefits without all the deprivation. The last four days are only 700 calories/day. And no, I didn’t become food-obsessed. I did glance longingly a few times at what Zippy and Zebu were eating and drinking, but it really wasn’t too bad. My brain was very foggy the first couple days and then cleared. My sister said she doesn’t even experience brain fog anymore so I’m hoping next month I’ll have more clarity throughout.


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