One happy dog

I just hit SEND on the 44,000-word middle-grade manuscript I’ve been revising. I sent it to two readers who haven’t seen it before which means fresh eyes/fresh insights. Woot! Hitting SEND also means this project is no longer my concern (temporarily, but still!) and that I’m free to be and do as I please for the next week or so.

Right now, I’m feeling like this doggo that walked past my house this morning.

Unknown happy dog. June 28, 2020.


4 thoughts on “One happy dog

  1. Congratulations! That happy dog looks like our former dog Shadow, Stroke’s brother, the only other dog she could tolerate.
    Our happy beagle treed another bear in our yard this afternoon. But when the bear saw Roscoe was at the end of his rope (literally) he came back down and ran away.
    Love, Katie


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