Thankful Thursday: glimpses of joy

Life’s hard on a personal and global level these days, and I’m trying hard to find the joy.

  • Here are this morning’s writing session partners (Emma in the front row while Marcel sits in solidarity behind the laptop). The three of us made good progress in our middle-grade novel revisions (and we now have over 100 revised pages).

  • A much-needed zoom therapy session with Sara, who I now refer to as Saratonin (thanks to another client who bestowed the nickname).
  • Twenty minutes in the sunshine after the therapy session, in which I bundled up and stood on the south-face deck as I breathed in cold, clean air, listened to twittering birds, and felt immense gratitude for the natural world.

Snow-laden Mountain Mahogony.    February 24, 2022

Golden Yarrow. 2.24.22

10 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: glimpses of joy

  1. Saratonin – lol, a very apt name. I’ve just started therapy, Tracy, and like you I’m so thankful for the natural world. Your photos are lovely, especially the one of gorgeous Emma and Marcel. 😀

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  2. It’s refreshing to see how you choose to find joy along with the brighter side of things even through all the chaos. Yes it can be difficult, but there is always light if/when we “choose to seek it out. So happy I found your blog, thanks dear for sharing.

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  3. Saratonin! I love it! I wonder if Emma and Marcel like the warmth from both you and your computer? Emma might find it to be like a little portable space heater.

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    • Yes, that nickname is absolutely perfect. Emma and Marcel both like to press up against me, whether I have the laptop or not. But I’m sure that extra heat is a bonus. 🙂


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