Never have I ever: orchid edition

Our neighbors gifted us yesterday with these beautiful orchids and a note of condolence about my mother-in-law‘s death last month. Such a lovely and thoughtful gesture.

September 18, 2022

I can’t stop gazing at these flowers’ intricate beauty. I am a bit nervous, however, because I’ve never had an orchid before and know absolutely nothing about their care and maintenance. I’ll be consulting the google for help but if anyone out there has tips, I would welcome them. And if you know what type of orchid this is, I’d also love that information.

11 thoughts on “Never have I ever: orchid edition

  1. Condolences for your loss!
    And I don’t know which type of orchid this is but I do know that my friend K used to always have a knack for these and she said only a little water each week (like 2 oz or less and some of hers came with the plastic cup)
    And then (I think) during dormant seasons don’t be fooled if they look dead.
    They are not
    But I am sure you can find more info online

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  2. What a beauty, Tracy! I have Phalaenopsis orchids (yours might be as well, but I’m not 100% sure). They’re surprisingly low maintenance, but I lost a couple before these by being too strict in following what I read online – I gave them too much water. So now, if they have their transparent special, weel-drained pots, a sunny window and water once a week, they’re perfectly happy and bloom beautifully every year. Once a year, after all the flowers are gone, they get repotted and their roots cleaned and, so far, that worked very well. Good luck with yours, it was a very nice gift, although on such a sad occasion…

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