In Solidarity


When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right.
                                                                                            ~ Victor Hugo

                                                                                                                            image found here 

(You can follow the Egyptian uprising on Al Jazeera English and
@sharifkouddous from Cairo on Twitter)


10 thoughts on “In Solidarity

    • I totally understand pulling back from news when feeling fragile; I do the very same thing.

      I hope you’re feeling better, and I hope and hope the people of Egypt are allowed to create a better place for themselves.


  1. The tectonic plates are shifting. I doubt most of us understand how this regional uprising will affect the rest of the world, but god almighty, it most assuredly will. I’m watching through splayed fingers, and praying for peace and justice.


    • I saw an interview with Dennis Kucinich and he said the very same thing about tectonic plates.

      I thought of you today, thinking about the splayed fingers. All good thoughts from millions and millions around the world as we watch and hope for their justice.


    • Re: Egyptian voices will thunder

      Thank you for this link, Caroline. It makes me feel better knowing I’m connected in spirit with so many around the world, and I hope it sustains the Egyptians as they stand strong in the face of tyranny.


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