2 thoughts on “Because every vista would be improved by oil derricks, amirite?

  1. More fossil fuels will really help that melting permafrost, too, right? When Sen. Murkowski talked about how many decades they have been trying to get this drilling done, I was thinking, “Any energy policy that relies on a plan that’s more than 30 years old is probably outdated.”

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    • Yep. I lived in Alaska when Lisa’s dad, Frank, held that senate seat. He pushed hard to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, along with Sen Ted Stevens. I was out in front of the library, gathering signatures to protect the refuge, and was on such a roll with my spiel that I didn’t recognize ol’ Ted. He said, “I’m Senator Ted Stevens. Stop wasting my time,” and stalked away. I refrained from yelling after him, “You look taller on television!”

      Greedy, short-sighted asses. All of them.


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